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  Starcraft II team 20.02.2013 | 19:16  
GreatBritainAfter a long time without having any active team Northern-Darkness restarted its gaming-activities in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. The team-leader of the renewed old team is nD.Sickneel. He already played for the old team which was led by nD.Uminenko who became inactive. We´re looking forward to seeing the new team competing against other teams in clanwars.

DeutschlandNnach einer langen Zeit ohne aktives Team hat Northern-Darkness nun wieder ein Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty team. Team-Leader ist nD.Sickneel. Er selbst war schon Teil des alten Starcraft II teams welches von nD.Uminenko geleitet wurde. Wir freuen uns auf eine lange und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.
  written by nD.KiwaTunGo

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